Terms Of Service

Quality Promos Plus, LLC is a provider of promotional products and custom apparel.  Virtually all our products and items can be personalized, imprinted, or branded.

Payment Terms

Payments may be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or a Discover credit card. If you do not have a credit card and wish to pay with PayPal, please contact us. We also accept Certified Money Orders or Cashiers Check.

Production will not commence until payment has been made. In the case of paying via a credit card, the processing of your order will commence once your payment has been approved. In the case of any other form of payment, production will only commence once payment has been accepted and cleared by our bank.

We may accept other forms of payments on a per order basis, once the purchasers request for payment terms has been approved and accepted by our finance office.

Order Processing

Non-Embellished and Non-Customized Items

Order processing will commence once your payment is approved.

Embellished and Customized Items

Order processing will require customer approval of all product specifications and artwork for any embellishment to be applied to the product prior to production commencing.


Pricing does not include any applicable taxes. Any applicable taxes will be added to your order and displayed upon checkout prior to making your payment. All of our products that we offer are subject to change in pricing, specifications, colors, etc. without notice at any given time.

Most of our products are offered with free FedEx Ground shipping. In this case the free shipping will be specifically noted on the items description page.  If the item is not offered with free shipping, then the shipping costs will be charged and clearly displayed at checkout.


Production commences after receiving both your payment and email confirming all parameters as well as features of your customized product.

Normal production time varies by product and is typically 7-10 business days for embellished or customized items. Please note, this does not include the additional shipping time.

Rush Orders

We are the rush order specialists and can normally improve our delivery times to meet your requested deadlines. This may require a nominal rush order fee. In the event that you have a specific delivery date or deadline needed, you should request a custom quotation and confirmation, so that we can make sure to meet your delivery date.

PMS Color Matching

Computer graphics provide a reasonable representation of color and texture. Please note, all PMS colors you see on our website are approximate. The product you receive may be somewhat lighter, darker, or have a slightly different texture from what you see on the internet. By accepting our Terms and Conditions of Service, you are accepting the fact that the product you receive could have minor variations in color and/or texture.

If you are ordering larger quantities, or wish to approve full production only after viewing a sample, please contact us for details.

Product Stock

We try our best to maintain and monitor stock in all our products, but unfortunately with the amount of products that we offer, it's almost impossible to do. With that being said, there is a small chance if you make a purchase that we could be out of stock in your selected color choice. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time, if you would like us to double check stock for you prior to purchase.  When contacting us, please make sure to note the product, quantity, and selected product colors that you would like.

Samples & Pre-Production Samples

We can provide you with blank or imprinted samples of any of our products for a small fee plus shipping costs. Please contact us with the product(s) and what color sample(s) you would like as well as if you would like the sample(s) blank or imprinted.

We can also provide you with a pre-production sample if you would like for an additional fee. A pre-production sample is the product that you would like imprinted with your artwork, logo, or design on it. We really do not recommend going with a pre-production sample unless you are ordering a very large quantity and it is imperative, that specific requirements are met for the finished product to ensure satisfaction. Most often an electronic proof can accomplish this and the fee would be a lot less then a pre-production sample.

Production Over & Under Runs

In really rare cases, with the amount of printing that we do with, there is a very small chance that an order could be over or under by up to 5%. We stress that this only happens in rare cases and is only for the products that we offer which include customization (screen printing or embroidery) already in the listing price.  

Because of this, we reserve the right to ship out an order that is over or under by up to 5% of the original quantity purchased. Again, this is ONLY for the products that we have listed which INCLUDE customization already in the price. You will find this is a standard policy with every promotional product company which involves the custom imprinting of products in multiple quantities. 

If your order is over, we will contact prior to shipping out your product and properly charge you for the quantity that will be shipped. This means if you order 25 pieces and 27 will be shipped, then you will have to pay for the 2 extra pieces that would be shipping out.  If your order is under, we will send over a refund for each piece that is under the quantity that you originally purchased. This means if you order 25 pieces and only 23 will be shipped, then you will be credited for the 2 pieces that won't be shipping out. 

We can provide an exact quantity if needed or you don't want to take the chance of an under run. There would be an additional fee for this service if you need an exact quantity.  Please contact us PRIOR to placing your order if you need an exact quantity or if you have any questions in regards to our over & under run policy. 

Setup & Screen Charges

Setup charges, digitizing charges, or screen charges are the costs of any effort to run your job the first time.  The charges may include production of a physical screen for imprinted products, digitizing a logo for embroidered products, etc. This cost may be applied the first time you order a particular product.

If you order multiple products, you may have a set up charge for each product. If you ever reorder the same product with identical artwork, you would not normally have to pay an additional setup charge on that subsequent order.

Please make sure to review the item you are purchasing. In most cases, all setup and order charges are included in the price of the product. If there will be additional charges, they will be specifically listed in the description of the product.

Shipment Delays

Quality Promos Plus, LLC will not be held accountable for delays due to unforeseen and/or uncontrollable delays in delivery times due to Acts of God, strikes, terrorist attacks, bad weather, or any other circumstances over which we have no direct control. This also includes delays by a freight carrier, delays caused by US Customs, or delays caused by problems at a product manufacturer. In all cases Quality Promos Plus, LLC will make every effort to ensure your product arrives on or before our committed delivery date.

Trademark Usage

By accepting our Terms and Conditions of service, the customer warrants to our company that they have the unrestricted right to copy, use, and distribute each copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, statement, graphic, artwork, name, photograph, portrait, picture, illustration of any person, or any other intellectual property in the way it is to be printed on or otherwise applied to the promotional merchandise ordered by the customer.

All customers must agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Quality Promos Plus, LLC harmless from any claims, suits or actions alleging that the promotional merchandise ordered by the customer violates or infringes upon any rights of any third party.

The customer is solely responsible for obtaining written permission from the third party in order to use any logo, trademark, or copyrighted items. Quality Promos Plus, LLC will not be held liable for any improper, unauthorized, or illegal use of a trademark or logo that is applied to any promotional merchandise which is purchased from our company. We are also not responsible for our client's actions that may have misrepresented their ownership of any trademarks, copyrights, or logos.

Return Policy

EMBELLISHED PRODUCTS - Products that are embellished with imprinting, embroidery, heat transfers, or screen printing are not returnable or refundable if those products meet the pre-approved customer specifications. Quality Promos Plus, LLC goes to great lengths to ensure the specifications for such items are understood and approved by the customer prior to commencing production. Embellished products that do not meet the approved customer specifications will be handled without additional charge using one of the 3 methods below at Quality Promos Plus, LLC option:

The product may be re-produced and reshipped to the customer.

The products may be repaired if possible and reshipped to the customer.

Quality Promos Plus may provide a full refund of monies paid.

Quality Promos Plus, LLC may require defective product be returned. In that event, Quality Promos Plus, LLC will be bear any shipping costs related to the return of the product.

NON-EMBELLISHED (BLANK) PRODUCTS - Products that are purchased without imprinting, embroidery, heat transfers, or screen printing may be returned for a refund or credit to your account with a 20% restocking fee or $20.00, whatever is greater.  All return shipping charges are paid by the customer. In the case of product damage or if the wrong product was shipped, Quality Promos Plus will bear all costs relative to product return and reshipping new product.

SHIPPING DAMAGE - Products are shipped to the customer FOB point of origin. All shipments are fully insured against shipment damage or loss. In the case a different shipping method is used, the additional cost of insuring the shipment to its full value may be added to the order. 

If the customer suspects shipping damage, immediately take a photograph of the packages prior to opening and another photograph after opening the packages prior to removing the product. A third photograph should be taken of any damaged product once removing it from the packaging.

Immediately contact Quality Promos Plus, LLC at 616.957-1455 to report any shipping damage. Quality Promos Plus, LLC will at its option either replace or issue a refund for the damaged product.

RETURN PROCESS - All returns require the customer to call Quality Promos Plus, LLC within 5 days of receiving their shipment to obtain an RMA number and return shipping instructions prior to returning the product.

*** End of Quality Promos Plus, LLC's Terms & Conditions of Service -Rev January 2009-***